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Once downloaded and your WOW slider is ready, save the slider by selecting publish, choose publisch to folder.
I use in my example the desktop as folder.
It will create 4 files, the 3 we are using are the index file and the 2 maps engine1 and data1.

Step 1 -Placig the HEAD code for WOW Slider in X5 -

Double click the index file, it will open your standard browser with the created WOW slider. Now use right mouse button and select view source code.
You will find 4 green texts lines One with start and HEAD and the second one with end and Head in it.
The other one is with start and end with the text BODY in it, we will use this one is step 3.

You need to copy everything between the <! and -> characters with the HEAD tekst in it (4 lines in total)
See prtscrn below

Copy this in X5 General Settings (page 1) Expert tab, use the top custom code field, be shure that "Before closing the HEAD tag" is in the top line.
Step 1 is done.

Step 2 -placing the maps engine1 and data1 in the correct places.
For the WOW slider to work the 2 maps (in my case) on the desktop - engine1 and data1 -  are needed.

Part A - this one is mandatory for the slider to work on your website !
You need an FTP program to connect to your webhost. If you don't have it download one from internet, the most commonly used and free one is Filezilla.
Connect to the map on your webhost where you have your website installed. (for me this is httpdocs/wow) See an example from my FTP program below. Upload the 2 maps engine1 and data1 to this map.

Part B - is only for X5 preview testing needed-
If you want to test with the preview in x5 you need to copy these 2 maps to the preview folder of your X5 project.
note: This folder will be refreshed ad deleted from time to time by X5 automaticly, so if your WOW slider does not work any more in X5 preview, and you want to continue testing, you need to copy them again.
The project preview map for X5 can be found when you start X5 in the preference's
On my pc it looks like: C:documents and  settings\your own name\my dcuments\ Incomedia\ Website x5 vxx ???
There you wil find all our projects, select the map with your project name, select the preview map. now copy the 2 maps data1 and engine1 into this map. That's it for Step 2

Step 3 - Where do you want your silder ?

To start you will need the
copy the BODY part from index file just like you did with the HEAD part in Step 1

Part 1 Set the copy of the BODY part on one or multiple page's in an object.
To do this use the HTML and Widget box, past the BODY part in it your slider should be ready.

Part 2 Set your slider above your Header.
2a Set it on 1 or multiple page(s):
Use page 2 sitemap to select the page, press button properties goto expert tab goto field custum code, past the BODY code inside the custum code field with "BODY tag property (ie style onload etc)" above this field. Do the same for other pages.

2b To do this for all pages on your website: past the BODY code from the index file in X5 on page 1 General Settings, goto expert tab, Set the code in the Custom Code Field, see that the top line is : "BODY tag property (ie style onload etc)"

Part 3 Set your slider Below your page and below your footer:
Use the same steps as in part 2 only see that the text above the Custom Code Field is "
Before closing the BODY tag"

Thats it, just a few tips:

Never use two WOW sliders on one single page !

If you need to correct something in your slider then you don't need to do step 1, but step 2 and the part you used of step 3 needs to be taken again with the new data from WOW slider.

If you have any question or other remarks let me know I will correct the post accordingly.

Best Regards, André

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