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Andre E
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testing pages
This page is made to test several login's on multiple objects with different wrights

How to test?

Login in for box1, then try to edit box1 -> this should work
Try to edit box 2 -> this will not work


Do the same but now for box2 login, try to edit box2 -> this should work
try edit box 1 this dhould not work


Login with b3  login and password.
this pasword is set for both objects so this user can edit box 1 and box2

Don't forget to log out!
Box 2
login name: 2@box2.nl
pass: 222
Box 1
login name: 1@box1.nl
pass: 111

Box 3
log in for both boxes is: test@test.nl
pw: 123
box 1

click to try and edit


HI Alex

Your pc wil remember a used password. so if you have used it once and did not log out the pasword stay's available for inlog.
So you need to logout to clear the data form the previous site or page, else you can just acces (because you have previously given the correct password and this way you don't need to login again.
This can work slightly differently from pc to pc or browser/ depending on settings and features.
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