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Andre E
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font install

Font install, in this example arberkley.

After a search on googly i ended for this font here:

I downloaded this font.

In x5, go to any object where you can choose fonts, in my example the text object.

Pulldown the text font selection and choose other font types.
Next use ADD and try to find the font with google font if it is not available (in my case/example) goto Webfont.
Look at the font you have downloaded and check the type of font.
In my case it is ttf

Select the tff folder icon and load the downloaded webfont.
I also downloaded the WOFF extension just to be sure and make it visible on more pc's software en handhelds..
This should be ar Berkley font now, do you see it also as it should be?

Wil je dat het altijd en overal goed is? Installeer dan alle 4 de font types.
Weet wel, hoe meer fonts, des te trager je site word, en google index gaat steeds meer op snelheid letten......

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