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Andre E
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To create a map in x5 with links in it, use a table, create -just to start a 3 x 3 grid and spread it across your page.
Set in the top left for now the text P1, in the bottom right P3

Use the cell style button to add your background image.

Set your background image using Image Backgroud.
i used a background from internet regarding the olympc stadions.

check your prtsrn it should look like this :

Now to add a marker with tekst and link to the left bottum building, the lines of the table seems to be good there already .....

Goto your table and set a picture in the left bottem grid. set the alignement to top right.

Use the link menu (while picture is selected) and add a description text if you want, and add a link to a page you want to go when clicking the marker.

This shoul be it.

Now you need to create all kind of markers on places you wish to finish off.
If your finished remove the table borders ! (use the botton table border color in your table page)
And remove if you have not done yet already the p1 marker text.

Click here to see my small result.

If you still don't see your map, use a trick:
set the background image using 'Fit To Cell ackground'
do a preview.
now set the background back to image background.

Hope it works now !!

Best Regards,

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