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Andre E
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remove html page

If you have set a page to locked, X5 will change the file name from example.html to example.php
This is because only html files can't be protected.

But remember, X5 will never remove files from your webserver.
So all the links in the program will go to the newly made example.php file/page and will show up locked but an old link from an customer or in your own browser will still go to the HTML file and will open without problem.
Offcource if you have changed information in the file after setting it locked that info will not show up in the HTML file.

Anyway, to make sure that your locked page will work also for users that have an old link in there browser you need to remove the HTML page manually.

This can be done this way:

Goto step 5 in X5 and select "upload the website to internet"

Then press the button like on the screen, this will open up your webprovider host files for your project/website.

Select the page name that you have locked and remove the file that ends up with html for the page you want to lock.

Remember the file is part of the name you have given this page in your menu, in my case is the menu: remove html page
So the file name in my exampe is: remove-html-page.html
Select it and press the red cross on top to remove it.

Now the file is from your server and any link to this file will open the protected remove-html-page.php page.
After that do another upload (not realy needed unless you have made changes, but it can never harm)

The page should now be locked if you acces eather page, but be aware of another issue;
Once you have entered the credentials to login on the locked page you will stay login, even if you power down and enter the next day. Because you browser knows that you have gained acces previously so it won't show up the inlog screen (unless you don't store cookies)

If you would like to see login screen again then use the logout object to logout. In that case the cookie on your pc will be cleared and you get the next time again the login screen.

Hope this has been helpfull!
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